Friday, January 6, 2012

Leaning a new craft...

I love working with other artists and all kinds of art. I'm one of those people when I see something...I have to try it...I have a table saw, drill press, a complete line of power tools, a sewing machine...I would even have a fully working kiln* in my house if I could. Which brings me to my quirky brother-in-law who is a craftsman of basketry. Yes. Basketry. Isn't that cool? (he says he usually gets blank stares when he tells people his occupation)  I took one of his workshops for the first time this week and learned how to weave. 

Later, I will post a picture of some of his exhibit baskets and more about his craft at a later time...stay tuned!
*kiln a huge oven that heats clay to make pottery.

Thanks Eric, I had a lot of fun and gained a lot of  respect for your craft.


  1. You can find Eric Taylor at

  2. Or check out for more info and pics of this workshop.