Monday, December 19, 2011

Children's Christmas Picture Book Countdown

Every year I get a new Christmas Children's Picture Book to read to my two boys on Christmas Eve.  We have built quite a collection, and I thought it would be fun to post some of our favorite books each day this week until Christmas.

Happy Holidays Everyone!
by Marcus Sedgwick and Illustrated by Simon Bartram
 I originally bought this book because it was illustrated by the artist of one of our favorite books, The Man on The Moon by Simon Bartram. We love his bright, super-surrealistic and "very detailed in a goofy kind of way" illustrations.

This year my son has been wishing for SNOW on Christmas day.  This book tells a simple story of a boy's wish and illustrates it in a magical way including translucent pages that lead the reader to a wish that comes true. 

I really recommend this Christmas book as well as his other books! Here are some illustrations from our favorite, The Man on the Moon: (A Day in the Life of Bob). A funny story that keeps you looking to see if aliens really exist.
A Christmas Wish: Text and design copyright ©2003 by the Templar Company plc. Illustrations copyright ©2003 by Simon Bartram
The Man on The Moon: (A Day in the Life of Bob). Illustrations copyright ©2003 by Simon Bartram

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  1. So what does Sam & Ben think... Do aliens really exist?