Friday, October 7, 2011

Thank You Steve Jobs

I was working with my 10 yr. old son on a book report.  This is his first one he did using a computer...a mac of course.  We did all the work, the plot diagram and story map. We defined the characters, the setting, problem and resolution.  With all our note cards in hand we went to lay it out on the mac.  Something amazing happened...

The book report was forming right before his eyes and his energy grew. Seeing his words in an organized format gave my son something amazing: His mind is now free to concentrate on what was important; the creativity of his words. The possibilities of images, color, and design.  You could see his excitement of making something real just from his thoughts.

Then, I heard a segment on NPR: "How Steve Jobs Changed the World of Design", an interview with RISD president, John Maeda. The interviewer asked, "What do you think was Steve Job's greatest design acheivement?" John Maeda answered, "Apple Organization—An organization that cares about design." That rang true for me in so many aspects of my life and now my childrens' lives.

Our children may never really understand how Steve Jobs changed the world, but they will be using his tools to change the world themselves!  I found these original apple ads in some of my old advertising books that I think speak to this (and are quite funny to see)...

Thank You Steve Jobs for taking something so overwhelming for most and designing something so simple just for us to be what we want.

Thank You Steve Jobs for giving me the tools to create an amazing and rewarding career for myself.

Thank You Steve Jobs for inspiring people to do better.
Thank You Steve Jobs for creating so much for the world.

Thank You Steve Jobs for making me look like a Rock Star!
Written by Michelle Talbot, Kidzaw Executive Creative Director

Photo Credits: "Chiat/Day: The First Twenty Years" 1990, Rizzoli International Publications, Inc.